About Us

As a teenager I didn’t really suffer from many issues except the occasional pimple here and there. However, one day that all changed. After coming off the birth control shot in college my skin did a 180-degree change and suddenly I would get pimples under the skin that had no head, oh and when they left, they left behind a nasty scar. To someone fair skinned It was a huge imperfection that killed all my self-esteem. For years I struggled with finding the right products for my skin and every year the marks got more frequent and darker. On top of that as I got older, I started to develop allergies that I did not have before as well as sensitivities to certain products that I could use in the past. I dove headfirst into research using some of the best brand name “miracle products” that was supposed to make my skin better but instead made it more irritated and inflamed. After many failed dermatologist visits, one I distinctly remember crying while leaving, (which I will go into more detail in a later post) I started looking into holistic approaches. From there my love for homemade skincare took off. I started making my own face mask after being constantly let down by the products out there. In 2020 I started working for my friend helping her manufacture her own products that were infused with butters and essential oils. As I learnt more about these products, their properties and how they could benefit my skin, I decided it was time to start my own skincare line. I wanted to make products to benefit girls like me. My skin is still not perfect, and I break out occasionally but that’s okay, now I have a newfound love for my scars or FLAW's if you’d rather call them that. I think flaws make you who you are, and I want to help women embrace their flaws, and love themselves regardless. Life is too short not to love yourself.